Cerro San Cristobal Winery comes from the hands of three friends, all with extensive experience in the world of wine: Jose Luis Becerra, Jose Antonio Moral and Juan Leopoldo Rodriguez.

The location was not an easy decision. Beginning in 2000, this group did not stop searching for the right place to make wine-making unique and special.

In 2006, they had a fortuitous opportunity to execute the vinification of young vines planted on one of the slopes of Cerro San Cristóbal. This is in the Natural Park of Aracena And Picos de Aroche, located in Almonaster la Real.

It is an area without appellation of origin or wine tradition, however it is ideal for a great ride in the World of microelaborations. Our original wine with unique organolective quealities is the result of vines planted on Sandy, poor and rocky soils anda n environment not disturbed by the rich biological diversity.



To summarize, our intention is to make the best red wine in Huelva.

We believe that to achieve this goal we need to move away from the tradicional standards of the area by how we work the vineyard, our concept of making wine and becoming the Only winery that produces red wine in this environment. We encourage the vines to coexist with other species of native plants, which prevents erosion because the soil is enriched, therfore, we achieve our goals.

The enology of Cerro San Cristóbal Winery has the rationale of obtaining the best possible expresion of our vines. Fruit, minerality, acidity and liveliness are preserved and enhanced by daily enological practice at the winery.

We think that there are no fixed rules in wine-making and each Harvest should begin again: a new climate, a new grape, a new human factor which requires the continuous search for balance.

The Vineyard farthest southwest in the Spanish Peninsula.

La Porrejona, El Prado y La Palma

La Porrejona extends over 60 hectares inside Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park . The altitude of the land ranges between 725 and 915 meters. The land is slopped with Sandy, poor and rocky soil with the presence of crags.

Two climates are present in this terrain, one influenced by the proximity of the sea and the other from the inland climate. Winters are cold and Summers are mild, with contrasting temperatures between day and night.

We practice a low intervention viticulture in an effort to preservate the biodiversity of the land. Each strain has been cultivated without irrigation systems, intensifying the concentration of aromas and flavors. The vineyard yields a low amount of grapes, with thick skin, which produces a small crop with an intense flavor.


The winery produces red and white wine with strong personality. To mantain maximun quality, we understand the necessity of sacrificing grapes every year to offer the highest quality.

Our wines exude elegance with finesse as opposed to power. We Strive to achieve an elegant tannic wine, the importance or harvesting in the optimum moment of maturation. We promote a soft flavor by removing the right skins. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks, and each variety is treated with different protocols and controls.

Aging takes place in select French and American oak barrels made in the highest quality cooperages, wich reduces a powerful wood presence.

Mis 2 Estrellas

White, semidry wine, Colombard and Muscat grapes. Appellation of origin Condado de Huelva. A wine that is born like a mother´s love to her children. Will always be a wine that taught us another way to make white wines in its area or production. Subtle, lemon, fragant with citrus, floral and tropical flavors. A domestic wine, but meaty and elegant. With a peculiar end to talcum powder that reminds us of the children we will never forget.

Color de Iris

White, dry wine aged in barrel, 100 % colombard grape. Appellation of origin Condado de Huelva. With toothsome touches of wood, fragant, cheerful and oily. It adds personality, character and expression of the soil, white notes of anise, and white flowers. It reflects great structure without forgetting its fresh, youthful character and its captivating fruity expression, which typical from the zone. Its almost autochthone swim against the tide of the zone. This allows it to differentiate itself from the Zalema grape and its very young wines, creating an almost inimitable wine.


A wine created from the joy of three friends, that reflects their jovial and amused spirit. Ideal for the youth to share any day of the year. Its attractive fruit and young character results in a delicious, fresh, rich and easy to drink wine. A perfect pairing with the local gastronomy and enjoyable moments.


Bienteveo is the faithful reflection of the successful work during each harvest. Alive and intense from a good aging. Fresh and oily with great body and persistence. It reminds us of great mountain wines with a tradicional style that also approaches the more modern style of present wines. The character of the autochthone strain is refined with the contribution of very well assembled foreign varieties.


Finca la porrejona, el prado y la palma

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